"That's my cup of tea!.. And this one, and that one too, and..."
Well, at least, i'm trying... I'm going. I'm through... :facepalm3:
Don't need any excuses, nevermind! I'm just going to mention all the little things i'd like to remember about "Rogue One"

So should i say again how i fell in love with this movie? Or just keep on talking quietly to myself, because everyone alongside me has already been sick & tied of me! :-D There were several important and artistic movies for arguing and admiration this year, but there was only one for watching and understanding, "Rogue One".

Everything about Galen Erso is so caring and smooth, and I don't mind if Mads gets his eight-minute roles forever, because he's the only one for whom it will be enough. It doesn't mean i don't want to see more of him on the big screen, but every his appearance is and always will be significant and magnificent.

I like the way this movie shows us that no one is light & nice, no angels at all, because this is war and everyone knows that sometimes prices are high, "very high". That is about the Rebellion, the Aliance, that is about Saw Gerrera, and that is about Cassian Andor. And, in fact, the only one who wears a white cloak (literally!) is on the dark side! And what is about him: Orson Krennic is the most humanic representative of that side, he's concerned about his status, he's upset and even jealous when it's getting wrong to him!
But as to the dark side... Darth Vader is out of any competing! His appearance, it was just like "a-a-a-a, Vader, Vader is coming" and everyone is out! :lol: Well, but

Should i tell one million more time that Diego Luna is absolutely perfect and it's a great pleasure to see him again in the leading role on the big Hollywood screen? His film character is not as unambiguous as we used to see in Star Wars. He's reclusive and even shy, oh yes, he's a captain but just look, how he prefers to work? With his only partner — former imperial droid! And he calls him "Key"... :heart:
I'm totally captured with his glances, with his silence and how a shadow of his smile is just touching corners of his lips — and... And i "remember the time", the time of he and his friend Gael Garsia Bernal being young and crazy, and Alfonso Cuarón made the first of his three best films ever. And yes, now he has also got personal reasons, now they all, real "suicide squad", have got their personal reasons, and that is again how it works.

And Key is absolutely adorable in his attemt of being the brain of this reckless company! :-D

I totally adore the way Jyn Erso is making her own "rebellion" — when it touched her in her own way, when she found and right then lost everything that was her only. Yes, that is also the way, the way of searching and finding the reason for everything, new hope and even new family. It's obvious from Jeddah, when Chirrut called her for the first time near the temple, when he takes her hand on Eadu, when Baze says "little sister" on Scarif — that is all of it and that is why all that she tells them — "May the Force be with us". There's no "inspiring speech" or something like that 'cause she's not an actual leader, not a "mother", not even a warrior, in fact. But she's their sister and they all are her brothers — older, younger and of the same age, and that is how it works for them.

And by the way, these two guys... One of them is blind and full of faith and another one is grumpy and full of scepticism. I don't know, i just can't remember some other duet being so touching, and impressive, and lovely.
— The Force did protect me.
I protected you!

And how much they tell in so rare words — just every phrase may become a story!.. Of course, it' mostly because of the actors, they both, Jiang and Donnie, are great persons and, as for me, they just can do nothing but stand still in front of the camera! :yes:
Another shade of their characters is that now Chirrut and Baze really don't have anything in the whole Galaxy. Besides each other. And that is why there is no another way for them, and that is why one will not go on without another.

I love so much when people say this story is about redemption. For almost all of them. Galen had a plan, he found Bodhi Rook, a cargo pilot, and could convince him of changing the side, changing his own destiny, changing the future. And Bodhi, oh, another amazing character, explains what and how Galen told him to be — brave, fearless, heart-opened and trustworthy. For Cassian it's his own measure of what he really could give to this world, for Jyn it's a way of finding her home (well, and that is it for Cassian too), Baze & Chirrut just help them, so does Key.

Adorable nostalgical moments are also so heart-warming. They are so small, short, sometimes it should have been a little longer but nevertheless — Bail Organa, returning to Alderaan and thinking about his brave and amazing daughter, and admiral Raddus,the savior, and our favourite pair, R2D2 & C3PO, and our marvellous princess, and that is especially hurts now, in the days of grief and sorrow...

And the music. I'm not sure we should judge it in such a hopeless way! It's nice, it's memorable, it's worth listening right in this movie. My favourite one is desert theme, don't know why, but it's beautiful to me :heart: .

We all knew, and there was no need to be a big fan of Star Wars, so that was clear — there would be no "happy end", no salvation, no anything. Because this is all about war,no matter how far or close it was to you — it should have been stopped and this is the price — for hope it would be.

People all over the Net say "the sunset will never be the same", and it seems to me, it's important. I think now we all know how it's important — to remember about "what if...".

And now here's something very personal. 'Cause i wondered — why? — and now that is so clear for me.
I often say that art happens when coincidence happens. The coincidence between what the artist felt/thought of/lived for and what the viewer/reader/listener feels almost right now. And it's not necessary about beauty or peace, sometimes it's something tough, not pleasant, even hurting, but you know — you feel, maybe without clear understanding right now, but still — this is it.

And i was thinking a lot about this "i don't need luck..." and you know what? It turns out very easy — it exists, it really can be in our ordinary life. I've got such a person in my life. That was it: there was no matter of how any of our quests would end because the fact of being there and doing something together — it was already enough for me. The other side is that i don't deserve such a person. I do not believe, i do not do anything worth doing and i even stopped trying. How sad and stupid it is, but there's just no way, no reason to go alongside me so long or so far.

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